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You have come to the right spot if you enjoy having fun and being the center of attention.

From this site you can learn some entertaining subjects which can be used at your next social gathering.

Our first four ebooks have been published. They are Kindle books in the series “How To Be the Life of the Party” series

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Magic Tricks – 50 Simple, Quick, and Fun Tricks

Our goal in this “How To Be the Life of the Party” series is to provide you with the basic essentials for doing just that — having fun with those that are around you.

Having fun doesn’t have to be difficult. You can have fun in many ways but one of the easiest ways to do this is by challenging your friends with a simple and enjoyable trick or two, and that is where this eBook comes in.

The tricks in this eBook were purposely selected to accomplish three things. They had to be easy to do, they had to be fun and challenging, and they had to use something that you would find at a party or at a dinner in a fancy restaurant (or have on you, like a deck of cards. Other tricks use bottles, napkins, coins, paper money, straws, bread, utensils and more).

As an example of the fun you might have, learn the The Impossible (and Impassable) Corks. This trick baffles just about everyone that it is shown to. In fact, you can actually show the people how to do it and they, still, won’t be able to do it. This trick has even stumped Ph D’s in engineering for hours.

These tricks are rated so that you will know how difficult they will be to learn. Over three quarters of the tricks can actually be learned in 5 minutes or less, but there is only one trick which takes 15 minutes to master. This one trick is one that you will love and will certainly amaze those with you. It involves balancing a coin on the edge of a dollar bill.

If you want something less challenging, read about how to levitate a cup. We guarantee you that as soon as you are done reading the trick you WILL be able to make that cup float.

If that trick isn’t enough, learn how to call a coin flip, correctly, one hundred percent of  the time. Again those around you will never guess how this trick is done either.

What more can we say, if you want to get people laughing and talking at your next party or dinner just learn a bunch of easy and fun tricks, and the simplest way to do that is to get the book entitled Magic Tricks — 50 Simple, Fun and Quick Tricks.

Palm Reading – Entertain and Amuse with These “Handy” Basics

If you could tell someone about themselves just by looking at their palm, don’t you think they’d be impressed and excited about learning more?

Palm reading has become quite a science and is no longer just relegated to the dark séance rooms of the local gypsy palm reader.

As with most things, palm reading can be quite in-depth on the one hand (no pun intended) but on the other hand – it doesn’t really have to be. Just by knowing a few things you can tell if a person is enjoying life, if he is a thinker or a doer, if he is emotional, or how he interacts with others. All these things can be determined by just looking at the four main lines on the person’s hand — the Heart Line, Head Line, Fate Line or Life Line.

Now there are some things you can’t tell when reading a palm, like, if a black cat will cross his path, or if he is going to have a string of bad luck, or when he is going to die, or if he will win the lottery. These are just far fetched untruths passed down through time and are examples of statements that give palm reading such a bad name.

Palm reading actually fits into a larger category — hand reading. There is much you can tell about a person just by looking at their overall hand. One example is the shape of their palm and the length of their fingers.

Just the other day the author noticed the two beautiful hands of two actresses on TV. Their long fingers and oblong palm indicated they had, what is called, a Water Hand. This is a hand with an oblong palm shape and long fingers. People who are sensitive, creative, emotional and imaginative have this type of hand. In other words, actresses.

To learn more about these basics, please get Palm Reading — Entertain and Amuse with These “Handy” Basics

Handwriting Analysis – Have Fun Exposing One’s True Character Through Writing

Being the Life of the Party can come about in many ways and one way is to analyze someone’s handwriting.

Handwriting analysis has been around for quite some time and, in fact, has become quite a science now a days. It can also be quite in-depth, but it doesn’t have to be.

By learning a few basics, you can look at someone’s writing and tell a lot about that person.

For example, is the writing small or large, straight, wavy or slanted?

Are the “T’s” crossed properly?

Is the person applying a lot of pressure when he writes?

Is the handwriting enjoyable to look at, or is it something that looks atrocious?

All these things tell something about the individual who wrote it.

Now picture yourself at your next dinner party. You ask someone to write a sentence or two and then you take it, study it for a minute, and then draw a few conclusions about what you see and how the writing relates to the character of the writer.

You’ll be amazed at how many times the writer will agree with your conclusions, but if for some reason he doesn’t, you’ll still get a lot of laughs and isn’t that what you want?

People really enjoy learning about what their handwriting means, but if they only knew the science behind it, they wouldn’t be so surprised.

But if you, the life of the party, understand the basic theories behind handwriting analyses and apply a few common sense things, you can be well on your way to both impressing and entertaining those around you.

To learn these basics please see Handwriting Analysis Fun – Exposing One’s True Character Through Writing

The Trick To Guessing Someone’s Age

Have you ever been to one of these traveling carnivals, or maybe your state or county fair, where there are all these games of “chance” or “skill”? If so, you’ve also probably encountered some people who for a few dollars will guess your weight, predict your birth month (click here to get a free copy of this eBook) or predict your age within a few years.

Seems like quite a challenge.

But in reality, you can predict someone’s age within a few years. It just takes a little work and a keen sense of observation. Given enough time, you can really learn this trick and become pretty good at it. However most people won’t take the time to practice or learn. They’d rather use a trick.

So if you want to learn how to guess someone’s age the honest way or the tricky way, you need to read Guessing Someone’s Age — The Secrets Revealed. By knowing this trick, you certainly will be the hit of your next party.

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Now a few of the many topics planned for the future

•  Numerology

•  Telling Dreams

•  How To Tell Funny Stories

•  How To Write a Song (And Sell It!)

•  Origami with Cloth Napkins

•   …….. and many more

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